Kara Black

Player Character


Name: Kara Black
Player: Dylan Wrubel
Titles: Knight (Social Standing), Corporal (Law Enforcement Agent)
Age: 38
Race: Solomani
Homeworld: Zylon

Characteristics (mod)
Strength: 4 (-1)
Dexterity: 8 (0)
Endurance: 6 (0)
Intellect: 13 (+ 2)
Education: 10 (+ 1)
Social: 11 (+ 1)
PSY: 5 (-1) Not tested

Skill Level: 7
Skills (specialization)
Advocate 0
Comms 0
Computers 0
Drive (Wheeled) 0
Engineer (Power) 1
Gunner (Turrets) 1
Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 0
Investigate 0
Jack Of All Trades 1
Mechanic 1
Medic 1
Sensors 0
Space Science 0
Streetwise 1
Trade (Space Construction) 1
Vacc Suit 0
Zero-G 0

Vacc-Stuit 1 (1/8)

Contact: Viktor Yakovich Brodit’
Enemy: The Church of Tiamat

Gauss Pistol, 3d6 damage, 4 Attack, 40 round magazine, -1 recoil
Stiletto, 1d6 + 2 damage, 1 attack, +1 bonus to use
TL 14 Medkit
TL10 Comm
TL12 Binoculars
TL13 Computer
Mechanics Toolkit
Engineering Toolkit
40 Gauss Pistol rounds
TL9 Shades
EDS Bracelets
Grav Floater
Hiking Boots

Flak Jacket (TL8) 6 armor rating
HEV Suit (TL12) 8 armor rating: Submarine, Grav Grapple, Coolant Rig, Extended Life Support, Environment Reader

Career History
Agent (Law Enforcement) Rank 1
Scholar (Scientist) Rank 0
Drifter (Wanderer) Rank 0
Citizen (Worker) Rank 0

Pension: None
Debt: None
Cash on Hand: 130,802


Age: 38
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Skin Color: White

Her typical attire consists of more casual wear that is comfortable, yet is also a little more on the fancy side, upholding her small social status. For more formal events, she prefers elegant dresses that are sure to catch the eyes of other people.

Kara was born on Zylon to Matthew and Vivian Black. Both Matthew and Vivian were traders that transported goods along the trade routes linked to Zylon before Vivian got pregnant and forced them to stop their trading lives and settle down somewhere. After Kara would be born, Matthew and Vivian would end up becoming merchants for the planet before retiring.

Kara’s childhood held nothing really noteworthy: she went through school, performed very well in the technological aspects, and graduated high up in every class. She was almost always in clubs that involved technology, hoping to one day make technology and hopefully help advance it.

When she went to start working, she applied to become a scientist, but between choking up on the entrance exam and ‘new-ness’ to it all, she failed the test and got drafted into Law Enforcement. This failure to get into the career she wanted dampened her spirits about the whole thing for a good few years until she decided to buckle down and study up to take the test again. With new confidence being gained from working in Law Enforcement and her ‘spine’ toughening up, she felt she was going to be better now than when she just finished school to gain entrance into the science field. About 8 or so years after having started Law Enforcement, she decided to take the Scientist test again and passed with stellar results. She will always credit her time in Law Enforcement for teaching her to try and keep a level head in dire situations and showing her basics in defending herself.

Once she was officially a Scientist, it was like she was living her childhood dream. Nothing was really able to dampen her spirits and her enthusiasm and natural knowledge rubbed off on anyone she worked with. However, everything wasn’t quite okay for her. Despite her joy and willingness to help others and contribute, there was someone who wasn’t quite fond of her being a part of the science community and was seeking a way to get rid of her: Laney Colbert. He devised a plan for many years, working out all the kinks in it and making sure that signs wouldn’t point to them having any part of it. When the time was right, he struck.

Kara was working on an experiment that involved power sources for robotics. The experiment itself was very fickle and easily prone to failure as a result of all the small details and materials involved. Things seemed to be going smoothly until Laney offered his assistance. Kara gladly accepted whatever help she could get for this. The results, if successful, would’ve been borderline revolutionary for Engineering… but Laney’s interference caused the work to become unstable and blow up in Kara’s face. She became a small laughing stock in the science community for taking and failing such a move, causing her to leave. The explosion did have an impact on her, however; she forgot all the work she did on that experiment and a couple of year’s worth of memories before that, including all the bad memories about Laney Colbert.

With confusing settled in, Kara needed some time to get things together. She failed a common citizenship test and was forced to wander about on her own. Nothing particularly exciting happened during this phase of her life other than her seeking to regain her memories that she just couldn’t seem to remember, and failing to do so.

As middle age began to settle in, Kara decided that she needed to settle down somewhere again and became a working citizen again for Zylon. The effects of the work and her aging body had a small impact on her physical performance, but she remained as mentally sharp as the time she lost some of her memories.

Kara Black

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