Robert Allen Day (Rad)

Player Character


Age: 38
Fur: black/white (timber wolf)
Eyes: Blue
Species: Vargr
Titles: Lieutenant (Rouge, Pirate) Nadic Raiding Party
Homeworld: Nad
Strength: 11 (1)
Dexterity: 12 (
Endurance: 13 (2)
Intellect: 12 (
Education: 6 (0)
Social: 10 (

Athletics 0
Battle Dress 1
Carouse 1
Deception 0
Engineer 0
Gunner Turret 1
Gunner Screens 1
Gun Combat Energy Rifle 1
Gun Combat Shotguns 1
Gun Combat Slug Pistal 1
Language 0
Medic 0
Melee Blade 2
Melee Natral 1
Pilot Small Craft 1
Recon 0
Stealth 0
Streetwise 0
Vacc Suit 1
Total: 12
Training: Heavy Weapons (1 week)

Equipment: Survival Kit, Personal Field Medical Kit, Handcuffs X2, Comm. Audio only

Armor: Subdermal, Rating 1; Combat, Armor Rating 12, Thruster Pack
total armor: 13
Weapons: Assault Shotgun (Dam. 4d6 ammo 7rd mag X100); SMG Pistal (Dam.3d6-3 ammo 16rd mag x100); Heavy Revolver (dam. 4d6+4 ammo 6rd X100); Energy Rifle (dam. 5d6 ammo 100rd rechargeable); Axe, Battle (dam. 3d6); Spring Blade (dam. 1d6+1)

Pension: 12,000

Cash on Hand: 142,975 credits

Debt: 0

Allies: Orion Sirius Zeigler (steve)

Relationship: Layla (kim)

Contacts: none

Rivals: None

Enemies: None


Robert Allen Day is the son of his packs current chief. Trained in the art of war since he could lift an axe many thought he was a promising recruit for the packs N.A.D.S. team. In his teens he decided to join his packs Nadic raiding party. After his first tour for duty he took his field test for N.A.D.S. and failed because his mark got away. Only Rad and his friend Orion know the details of what happened that night. At that point he decided the being on the raiding party was his best choice up until he met his mate Layla. Meeting her in a bar after her commander’s failed battle to capture the raiding party. Neither of them realizing that they were talking about the same battle until months after they already fell in love. Retiring from the raiding party he teamed up with Layla buying a ship together and putting together a craw.

Robert Allen Day (Rad)

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