Size: 16,000km
Gravity: 1.4G
Atmosphere: Insidious (Vacc Suit Required)
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy
Law Level: 8
Cultural Differences: Tourist Attraction (Casino cities, amusement parks, sporting arenas and the arts)
Spaceport: B, Good
Berthing: 1d6 (500)
Fuel: Refined
Repair: Shipyard (Spacecraft)
Bases: Naval, TAS
Technology Level: 13
Travel Code: Amber
Trade Codes: Desert (De), High Technology (Ht), Non-Industrial (NI)

Most of the cities on Balor are either block residential or agricultural domes for vertical farms. However, four cities stand out as major tourist destinations-

Castor City: The casino city, known for its glittering casinos, bustling nightlife, and high-end restaurants, as well as it’s vibrant comedy circuit.

Versati City: Also fondly known as Bigtop city for the odd shape of its pressure dome and abundance of circus performers, Versati city is the center for the arts on Balor. Notable Features include: The VersatiSchool for the Performing Arts, a grand academy which also features more standard college courses and its very own circus. The Castor Grand Auditorium, headquarters of both the Rossini Travelling Circus and several theatre and opera troupes.

The Turbodome: A city built around sporting events, it features multiple styles of vehicle and animal racing, the sector’s largest multi-sport stadium, and zero-gravity hoversports, as well as a variety of smaller arenas for local teams and individual sports. Also boasts one of the better sports medicine programs in the sector.

Gemini: the sector’s largest amusement park, this city features luxurious but reasonably priced accomodations for families, as well as an enormous collection of rides and games, including a well-maintained vintage wooden coaster from Sol. Fun for the whole family!


Traveller: Into the Black Ohtar