Size: 12,800km
Gravity: 1.0G
Atmosphere: Insidious (Vacc Suit Required)
Pressure: Varies
Temperature: 13, Roasting 81+
Hydrographics: 0, 3.7%
Population: 8, 267451800
Government: Captive Government
Law Level: 4
Cultural Differences: Progressive
Starport: B, Good
Berthing: 1000 Credits
Fuel: Refined
Repair: Shipyard (Spacecraft)
Bases: Naval, TAS, Imperial Consulate
Technology Level: 12
Travel Code: Amber
Trade Codes: Desert (De), High Technology (Ht)

Description: Vulcanus is a planet where the cities are far and few between. There are only about 5 big cities of note where you can find everything, as well as one city where the government lives. All the other places in between are either small villages or repair stations for vehicles and the monorail transportation on the planet. The repair stations serve as a way to repair vehicles and equipment because of the atmosphere on the planet. Those who visit the place are warned that they do need to keep their gear in check, as to make sure the gases don’t destroy them if they travel outside of the designated travel areas.
Each of the five trade cities all hold one type of trading, which is distributed across the entire planet. Each one is forbidden to interfere with the trading that another city is already taken care of. Those caught doing this will lose their business. Each of the cities is connected to each other. You can drive a vehicle, take a monorail, or take air travel if you can afford it. Each city is equipped with weather control bubbles to keep the gases out of them, as well as all the repair stations, the travel zones, and villages on the planet.
Vulcanus is rather unknown because of the gases and how few big cities there are on the planet. Because of this, many brave adventurers travel outside the weather control zones in order to find hidden treasure. Most of them end up dead, but those who find treasure normally become legends in the area around where the treasure was found.

Tanut: The City that specializes in the trade of Biologicals. Most of the citizens here either do work related to biologicals, or are sent in to work as security. This city is well known for how it uses stone as the central piece for its structures, and how the technology works with a lot of the stone that naturally formed.

Skol: The city that specializes in the trade of Space Constructions. Very few citizens work with the trade, and take up a wide variety of jobs. Because of this, this town is known to be unsafe because of all the crooks that lurk in it. This city is the most technologically advanced of all the cities, having lots of power and technology that does almost everything for everyone.

Wanburg: The city that specializes in the trade of Polymers. This town has a lot of merchants that work in it, which makes it the central hub for buying and selling. The city is also home to most of the noble families on the planet, due to the ease of buying what they need. This city uses a lot of metal in its design, which makes everything look dull, but strong.

Breh: The city that specializes in the trade of Hydroponics. This city is almost entirely dedicated to Hydroponics, so there isn’t much else besides homes and research stations. This city is always busy with trying to get water to run across the entire planet, so you need to have permission to come to this town. The city uses a lot of wood in its construction, which gives off an earthly vibe and water everywhere to keep plants alive.

Nanook: The city that specializes in the trade of Civil Engineering. Because this place does a lot with constructing buildings, it’s often very hard to get around because of all the construction. This city is also where a lot of the entertainment and relaxation is, so it makes it a good vacation spot on the planet. This city has all types of material for its buildings, so it’s very distinct with the colors and textures.

Relun: The city where the government operates from. This city gets supplies from all the other cities, and is the city where all rules for the planet are made. Only those of nobility and those who work for the government of the planet are allowed to work in this town. This city also has the tightest security of all the cities, seeing as how so many important people live here.

The list of banned goods are:
Weapons: Poison gas, Explosives, undetectable weapons, WMD, portable energy weapons, heavy weapons, and light assault weapons and sub machine guns

Technology: Dangerous technology, alien technology, and TL 13 tech

Those caught with these illegal goods will have them confiscated, either by co-operation or by force. If these items do belong to the visitors (i.e self defense on other planets), then these weapons will be returned to the visitors once they leave, by first going to the starport before they do leave. Once they present the correct information, the weapons will be returned with the ammo out of the weapons and handed separately, being overseen by the officers on the starport. All illegal technology is immediately confiscated, and visitors must pay a fine in order to gain their tech back, once again being overseen by law enforcement on the starport.

Travelers who arrive at the planet must first dock at the starport. They do have to radio in that they are landing first before they are permitted to land. Once they land, the crew at the starport must see a passenger manifest, and will give the clear to land anywhere on the planet once the ship has passed clearance.
Ships must pay the berthing right as soon as they land on the starport. Refusal to pay will lead to either arrest, or forced off the starport until the ship pays the berthing fee. Ships are also allowed to pay for refined fuel, as well as use the repair facility to repair their ships, for a fee. Visitors and Citizens can also visit the shipyard, where all ships and ship parts that are left unclaimed or are repossessed for outstanding fines will be auctioned off once a week once there are ships to auction off.


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