Size: 800km
Gravity: Negligible
Atmosphere: None (Vacc Suit Required)
Pressure: 0.00
Temperature: 94˚C (Day) / -53˚C (Night)
Hydrographics: 3% water
Population: 84,357,181,606
Government: Charismatic Dictator
Law Level: 11 (B)
Cultural Differences: Unusual Custom: Offworlders
Starport: A, Excellent
Berthing: 2,000
Fuel: Refined
Repair: Shipyard (All)
Bases: Scout, Research, TAS, Imperial Consulate
Technology Level: 18
Travel Code: Amber
Trade Codes: Asteroid (As), High Population (Hi), High Technology (Ht), Industrial (In), Non-Agricultural (Na), Vacuum (Va)

Zylon is designed primarily to be a trading and inventive hot spot to all along it’s trade and communication routes. As such, a lot of the limited space is taken up for huge laboratories for research and development, engineering, and the progression of the sciences. Another good chunk of the limited space is taken up for production facilities for technological and industrial goods. Compact residential zones sit near every major facility and places of note.

All the livable zones use technology to keep breathable air in and special fields that gives the interiors some gravity as so everything doesn’t float around endlessly when not bound down. There are many levels to the entire base, allowing more to be crammed into such a small building area. On top of this, there are clusters that are attatched via strong poles that act as elevators to give Zylon more room to work with.

There aren’t any true and defined cities on Zylon as much as they are zones.
The Green zone is for the science and engineering area.
The Blue zone is for the production area.
The Yellow zones are residential and recreational areas..
The Purple zones are where the small hydroponics are for agricultural growth are, as well as plant testing.
The White zone is where the Downport for the Starport is.
The small Pink zones scattered about are law enforcement zones. They are plentiful.
The Black zone is for the mining facility, though it doesn’t see much use nowadays in fear of the structural integrity of Zylon.
Lastly, the Red zones are areas that only the dictator government workers can go, with various clearances for each separate red zone. These include government offices, army bases, and generally restricted areas to the common public.

The research and experiments performed on Zylon are plentiful, though only a fraction see any actual success and need government clearance if dangerous. The success go on to be developed fully and are chronicled in the labs as well as distributed if beneficial or locked down and inaccessible if not. Failed experiments never have word reach outside the labs that the failures occur in. Zylon records all failures and keeps that information locked away in a building in the Red Zone. The only time failures are ever mentioned are when similar experiments are conducted, and that determines whether or not that new experiments lifts off the ground or not.

Accompanying the Ground Port is a HighPort for Zylon. The Highport is where all landing ships must go first, including any new travelers.

The Highport serves as a docking station for traders looking to unload and load up on goods. Most trading is done on the Highport, thus making it the place to do trading with Zylon. A lot of law enforcement resides in the Highport because of the busy traffic it sees, as well as some army presence. Lighter repairs are handled here. The Highport is also home to all the bases except for Research. Travelers are advised to watch over themselves in Highport, as it’s massive and home to some unfriendly folks.

The Downport is for storage of ships owned by Zylon and trading vessels that need to be docked for a while, like if they are getting heavy repairs or waiting on goods to be processed. The Research base is located in Downport as well as a second Imperial Consulate. It’s not as busy as Highport, though it does hold it’s own trading areas, though not as plentiful as it’s Highport counterpart.

Access to outside the entire base is forbidden except for those qualified to fix it. They must be tethered down to the base’s exterior at all times, as well as be wearing a Vacc-Suit.

As a result of the dry landscape and lack of farmland, Zylon needs constant supply of food and water to survive, despite their own methods to get their own in place.

Due to how much technology is available and how productive the planet it, smugglers use Zylon as a restocking ground to sell goods where they aren’t legal, like advanced weaponry, computers, and drugs. A lot of Zylon’s GDP comes from these unsavory folks. Zylon does it’s best to crack down on people it knows are doing this sort of thing with a very strict law, despite the current dictator’s open rule on the buying and selling of goods on his little asteroid.

As for Travelers, they are required to take a test if they simply need to stay for a short amount of time on Zylon’s Starport of any kind. The test is called Testing Applicable Travelers Lawfully, or T.A.T.L. The test is comprised of morality questions and obscure ones. There really aren’t any wrong answers, though Zylon sets it up that there is a way to fail it. They want to test the resolve of any Travelers. Any citizens are forbidden from telling any offworlders about this test.

Once the test is concluded, offworlders are permitted a week in Zylon before another phase begins, though have to wear a bright brown armband. Typically traders are given a month time, though not always. If the week passes and offworlders still linger, they are asked to take another test. This test puts the offworlders in a chamber. They are told that chemicals will be pumped in to ‘purify’ the offworlders and cleanse their minds of any ill intent they might cause to Zylon. In reality, they just pump in laughing gas, water, and soap.

Zylon calls this ‘baptizing the offworlders’. Citizens are, again, forbidden from informing offworlders about it, or they can face criminal charges. The baptisisms are repeated monthly for a year until the offworlder is told they are completely clean. During this year period, offworlders must wear a bright pink wristband to identify them as such and return their brown armband. After the year, the wristband is exchanged for a bright blue one. Offworlders are permitted to take it off when they leave Zylon, though must put it back on when they come back. Leaving before the year is up means they must take the whole yearly baptisms again, though not the test.

The Imperium is immune to these unusual tests.

Zylon started out as an uninhabited asteroid until an entrepreneur decided he wanted to take the biggest gamble on his life. His name was Leon Ingobert. Leon got a few of his close, rich contacts and sold his plan to them. With enough money backed up, Leon went ahead with the plan to make that Asteroid a trade hub for the nearby worlds.

The plan, after numerous years of development, eventually succeeded in becoming a colony for travelers to stop off at. Zylon wasn’t very big at this point, but Leon and his contacts decided to expand Zylon to become a more attractive place for people who prospected the idea of moving. With much hard work, Leon’s new visions did become a success as Zylon started to be able to make it’s own goods. With their own funding, as well as funding from the people who shared rule over it, Zylon was able to slowly prosper, though it did take a while to get anywhere without real officials speaking on behalf of Zylon itself.

One of the industrial workers, Farah Shell, decided that she had enough of Zylon being bossed around constantly by people who never even visited the asteroid. With her charismatic ways, Farah was eventually able to form her own power on Zylon and overthrow the investors. This proved to be a bad decision, as the outside funding stopped. With their income severely stripped, action needed to be taken immediately. Farah decided that by reaching out to other worlds and asking for support, things could improve, as well as making Zylon more productive and self-sufficient than it was. With trade promises in place, Zylon was able to secure itself as an independent power.

Zylon saw steady success and growth until it became what it is now. Despite Farah being long gone, her children and their lineage took over as Emperors of Zylon. The current Emperor is Zachariah Shell. Zachariah acts with total trust and with the people in mind of Zylon. However, as a result of Zylon’s growing independence and the fact that Zylon doesn’t restrict any goods on it’s planet besides use in unlawful acts, the Imperium placed an Amber Alert on Zylon. Despite this, Zylon keeps a tight, efficient, and unforgiving law for those who go and break it.


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